1.    What is Try-at-Home?

The Try-at-home concept allows you to touch and feel the jewelry piece you want to buy. If you are unable to come to our showroom to see the jewelry, we will send you the product to your home to see it for yourself.

2.    How many pieces can you order to try-at home?

You can order as many jewelry items as you like.

3.    How can I see the items which are available for try-at-home?

Goto our website and select your jewelry design. Click on the Try@Home button to place your order for the product online or call us at 081-836-6401 for more details.

4.    How much do I have to pay?

You need to make a deposit of Baht 1500 for every jewelry item you order (Baht 2700 for Couple Rings and Baht 4900 for Bracelets). This will be refunded back to you if you order the jewelry item. If you do not wish to make a order, simply return the jewelry back to us and we will refund your deposit. A small amount of Baht 75 will be deducted as service charge.

5.    Are the items real?

No, all products send to you are made of silver and created diamond.

6.    Can I keep the jewelry prduct?

You can keep the jewelry item if you wish. Your deposit will not be refunded.

7.    How do I pay?

You can pay online with a credit card or make a deposit at our bank account. Call us at 081-836-4601 to ask for our bank account details.

8.    How soon will I receive the product to try-at-home?

We will send the product by Thailand Post. You should receive it within 48-72 hours. For Bracelets delivery will take 10 days from date of order.